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Welcome to the RDC Web Site!

Well, the 2007 season is well under way...

We recently completed the sixth event of the season - the Sizzling Summer Regional at Thunderhill Raceway (you can check out the results here). Our next event is the double regional (#7 and #8) at Infineon Raceway, so come on out and join us for an exciting weekend of racing!

For a complete listing of 2007 events, check out our updated Calendar section.

Earn Free Test Time at Thunderhill!!

And, at the same time, help your fellow drivers have a safe & sane race weeked. How? Become a Driver Observer! Help out at a corner for a session or two, 1/2 a day, a whole day, or the entire weekend.
Help your fellow drivers and the stewards by observing at a corner and giving a driver's perspective on incidents, passes, drivers' behavior and reactions.


Please call Lois Leijdecker-Ott, Chief Driver Observer
Phone/Fax: (916) 447-3698

OR see her at the track - look for a silver/white Honda #39 ITB race car.

Important Reminder- be sure and get your RDC membership applications in before the next race. That way you begin to accumulate points towards the season chamionships. The membership application can be found here.