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                         1993 USAC "Most Improved Driver"

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Here's a few of theSCRA sprint cars the I've invested a good deal of my spare time in:  #16 , #40#1stThis photo of our  misadventures from Santa Maria speedway showing the wrongside of the  #1st car demonstrates one of the various methods used in testing roll cage strength..For a contrast, here's a picture of the  #42 car going the appropriate direction. And finally a couple of pictures of the #42 car standing still at  Ventura Raceway and Phoenix International Raceway .  Here's a couple more pictures of the #1st car at  Santa Maria  and with this funny garage door like thing on it at Hanford . Here's some photos and the account of Bill Rose piloting the hastily resurrected #40 car at Ventura Raceway.
Here's me in Anthony Tafoya's car out at Duke City Speedway in Albuquerque  and a wonderful picture of sexagenarian Speed Ball who drives the #1 car 
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